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Our services include custom design and construction, construction management, extension, and renovation. We build residential houses, apartments, townhouses, duplexes and units and commercial buildings. Our work on each project includes preparatory research, cost estimates, preparation of work drawings and bills of materials, and the processing of building permits.


Our professional team of architects and engineers will  make your dream home come true.

If you want a very special house, or you prefer a more economical option, Building Solutions Qld Australia can design and build it for you. 


Building Solutions Qld Australia are experienced in all aspects of Commercial Construction.

Our team will competently complete your desired project to a high finish and in a timely manner according to the relevant spec and requirements.


Our representatives will provide a clear and professional cost estimate for your renovation project.

We will help determine your needs and give advice on implementating your remodelling project efficiently, safely and  economicaly.

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